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Exterior Surfaces Are Vulnerable to Weather Elements

 As winter makes its exit and summer gradually settles in, the exterior surfaces of your property are exposed to two of its worst enemies: Moisture and sunlight. Other equally tenacious surface-spoilers may include termites and pests. Exterior walls, roof and siding are continually exposed to harsh weather elements day-in and day-out and it’s best not to ignore them. If you don’t take proactive steps to prevent damage, these abrasive elements will keep whittling away at your property – and eventually at your wallet.

Investing in quality exterior painting in Vancouver helps you preserve your property from damage over time. 

In addition to discolorations, peeling paint and worn siding surfaces, faded paint can take away from the aesthetics of the property in general. It can be depressing to enter your home or relax outdoors. Moreover, a less-than-professional appearance can affect business and drive away customers.

After all, people like doing business with spiffy, well-maintained premises. The good news is, a topnotch exterior painting contractor can help give your property exteriors an appealing makeover. Paint helps form a resistant barrier to rain, wind and sleet but weakens over time. As the best local exterior painting companies will tell you, the higher the quality of paint, the more it’s likely to last.

Ask Us for Options in BC Vancouver Painting in Vancouver

As a local, Canadian company with years of experience behind us, we understand that every customers has their own painting requirements. Different types of paint products work best on different surfaces and what you need is someone who has in-depth knowledge about paints, bases, primers and staining.

This way, you can clear your doubts and narrow down your choices of exterior house painting contractors. Paint often loses its gloss due to constant exposure to strong UV rays and this loss of gloss is known as chalking. Our paint experts are adept at identifying weakened pain and loss of gloss and can suggest affordable solutions. Once you gain adequate information regarding the problem, options and cost estimates, you can decide on what you want and let us know.


Professional Residential Exterior Painting Costs

We take pride in offering value for money without compromising on quality. Call us for options and rates for different paint products and we’ll make suitable recommendations. A number of factors may affect the total costs for residential painting in Vancouver:

  • The type of paint used (oil/emulsion/acrylic/cement based/enamel paints).

Ordinary folks may not be aware of the right paint to use on their properties. Our staff will explain the benefits, properties and rate options for each type and help you make an informed decision.

  • The Size of the Area to be Painted

Cost of paint is usually calculated per square foot, after finding out the area of each wall and ceiling. Oftentimes, irregular surfaces (like edges, corners and fences) may need a coat of paint or decorative finishes. Our customers can feel confident that we will make a careful assessment and email them a detailed price estimate.

Our esteemed customers never have to worry about hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. Once you hire us, we take of everything from start to completion.

Some colors such as reds, yellows and oranges are more vulnerable to fading in areas that receive strong sunlight. Our seasoned experts will assess your property and suggest the most suitable paints for your requirement.

 Our friendly consultants will do all the legwork from start to finish. Hiring reliable professionals can help reduce time wastage and you’ll be able to get the job completed within budget.


We Offer Professional Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Amateur building exterior painting techniques and incorrect application methods can result in several painting mistakes. Although DIY may sound appealing, painting the exteriors of your home or shop is never as simple as it looks. Worse, you end up spending more money on rectifying mistakes or worse, re-painting the surface again.

The heat during summers and cold during winters expands and contracts exterior surfaces. A good coat of paint can help the surface withstand such changes. You may observe cracks and patterns that superficially resemble alligator scales – this scaling is usually caused when the top coat dries too quickly.

Exterior paint may also develop blistering due to loss of adhesion between the top coat and underlying surface. Blistering occurs when paint is applied in direct sunlight or when oil paint is applied over a damp surface.

As professional painters, we have your back when it comes to keeping your commercial premises in tiptop shape. If you’re looking for affordable commercial painting in Vancouver, just call us for the best rates and shortest turnaround times.

Our painting services not include painting exterior brick but also deck painting, stucco painting and fence painting.

We Always Guarantee 100% Job Satisfaction to Every Customer

We ensure that our staff only uses the best brands and products and are well-trained to use modern tools for the best finish. Substandard products and unsuitable painting techniques result in shoddy jobs.

With us on your side, you’ll never have to worry about uneven finishes, blistering or cracking. Our dedicated project managers are committed to getting the best of our crew teams. Professionals like us know exactly when to paint the exteriors and how to plan for drywall repair in Vancouver. In addition, we’re happy to provide reliable solutions for non-weather related conditions such as poor ventilation, painting over damp surfaces and correct prepping of a surface.

As a preventative step, it’s best to get the exteriors of your house, business premises or industrial warehouse painted every 2-5 years.

We proudly serve the local region and offer professional exterior and interior painting in Vancouver. To discuss your painting needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email or phone; we’ll answer your queries, clarify doubts and explain anything that you want to know.

Seeking the services of customer-oriented Vancouver painters results in exceptional finishes and improved aesthetics that last for a long time.


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