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What You Should Know Before Painting a Stucco House Exterior

If you’re like most people, your residential or commercial property is the single-biggest investment that you’ll ever make. Hence, it makes sense to take care of it in the best way you can. Those who get the maximum returns on their property through resale or renting are those who don’t wait for problems to occur.

Don’t wait for roof leaks and stains on stucco. Painting stucco walls can help extend the lifespan of stucco and add to its structural integrity. Regular maintenance and professional painting keep the interiors and exteriors of your home looking neat and aesthetic. A fresh coat of paint can transform your property from drab to eye-catching in no time at all.

If you’re confused about interior painting in Vancouver, call top painters in your local area to compare services and prices before deciding on the best one for your requirement.

Painting a Stucco House is Affordable

Stucco is built to last a long time and it’s a good idea for home owners to opt for stucco siding. Not only does it look attractive, it also plays an active part in protecting your house against weather elements. However, like other materials, stucco repair and painting should not be neglected for prolonged periods of time.

Stucco is a hard element like cement but it also contains components like lime and sand. Exterior painting in Vancouver can give one of the best returns on your valuable money. This is especially true of stucco as it’s more prone to problems like cracking, fading and efflorescence (crystalline deposits of salt usually left behind from moisture).

Expert stucco painting contractors will advice you on the best products and techniques that work for stucco. Whether you want residential or commercial painting in Vancouver, our hardworking team is always happy to update you on rates, options and timelines.

Painting the exterior of your house – especially stucco – depends on various factors. These could include sunlight, winds, humidity levels and material of the siding. Darker stucco colors, for example, may need more frequent repainting compared to lighter shades as they are more vulnerable to fading.


Our Experts Can Help You Choose Suitable Colors

Although stucco is typically painted in natural clay or unwashed pink, you can choose the color you want. Our staff are pleased to help you choose the best paint for stucco depending on the material and age of the exterior. Painting interior stucco walls are no easier or more difficult than painting standard interiors.

Our able crew members are more than capable of delivering an exceptional finish using BC Vancouver Painting in Vancouver. You can even enhance the overall look of your property by choosing an entire color palette. For instance, you can use one color for trim, another for window edges or shutters and so on.

It can be challenging to select the right combination of colors. Ask our consultants and they will guide you with regard to color options, prices and paints. We have an extensive range of paints and products for residential and commercial customers.

It’s no longer necessary to stick to the old, conventional color choices – You can choose to be different and make your own choices. Professional stucco painting can give your property a whole new look. Our crew will come over and assess the surface before making recommendations and sending you a proposal.

For example, they may choose a type of paint depending on the number of times the stucco has been painted earlier. It may be a good idea to opt for two coats of acrylic paints for the right effect. Moreover, elastomeric paints provide added bonding and increased resistance to stucco surfaces.

We Will Resolve Your Doubts and Answer Queries

For detailed information on stucco paints and their properties, call us and we’ll be happy to answer questions and clear your doubts. It can be tricky to paint over previously painted stucco. It’s very important to prep the surface first before it can be painted over again.

Our trained Vancouver painters know exactly what to do with it comes to deck painting, fence painting or stucco painting. They have in-depth knowledge of which paints to use, how to prep different stucco surfaces and how many coats of paints to use. What’s more, once they assess your property, they plan for the right amount of material to minimize wastage.

We strive to provide maximum value for your hard-earned money and make the entire experience hassle-free and friendly. Painting stucco costs are calculated depending on your requirement, the type paint required and the surface area to be painted. Feel free to contact our project managers for stucco painting rates – you will receive a full cost estimate with all details included before we start off on the job.


Call Us for All Your Stucco Painting Needs

Whether you want stucco painting for commercial or residential painting in Vancouver, it has several advantages to offer. To begin with, painting over stucco helps seal the material so it doesn’t trap moisture. Old stucco surfaces tend to absorb moisture and they turn darker in color as they dry.

A freshly painted stucco wall is likely to maintain its color even during a very rainy day. In addition, water and rust often cause vertical lines on stucco (typically below window sills). Painting stucco exteriors can help block these unsightly stains. When you contact professionals for drywall repair in Vancouver, these stains will not reappear for years.

As with other materials that are built to last long years, stucco may develop hairline cracks that eventually result in chunks falling out of the wall. This kind of problem usually leads to costly repairs in the long run.

It’s probably a much better idea to invest a very reasonable amount of money in BC Vancouver Painting in Vancouver to preserve the integrity of your property. We love hearing from our esteemed customers and answering their queries regarding our array of products and painting solutions. Call our or email us and we’ll set the free initial consultation at your convenience.

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